I can’t

It starts in my core then works its way out

I try to avoid what I know it’s about

Why am I like this, why can’t I change

Why in does being in my body feel strange

I don’t think I can take it, I clearly don’t to try

It wasn’t working before, I can’t make myself cry

There are so many things of myself that I hate

I don’t feel I can be saved, I feel it’s too late

I’m lying to myself when I say that I’m trying

I know that I’m worthless a truth I’ve been denying

There no hope for me and I know that I’m right

I’m stuck in my tunnel away from the light

I’m stuck in myself, I hate being me

When I look around it is only destruction I see

I don’t live in the present, I’m so stuck in my past

It’s such a big shadow over myself I have cast

My heart is so heavy, I can no longer pretend

Life is no fairy tale but all stories close with ‘The End’

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