A broken system

The society we live in is broken

Many expectations go unspoken

We live in the laws we make

Our own freedom we take

Look at the system we created

What we have is Ill-fated

What’s the bigger theme

Why can’t we live our dream

Into Peril we slide

As the gaps opens wide

Some can’t get out

Even when for help they shout

Does it exist, the power of one

What can be done

No matter what we do

We still have no clue

Yes we have a right

But we’ll continue to lose the fight

We are the laws we make

But advantage of us the take

We live in fear

Yet re-elect each year

Repeating the cycle

Destruction we recycle

We beat the oppressed

Idolize the rest

Inequality is taught

And we are ALL caught

Living in

A broken system

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