My Mother; my mom

She watched me grow

I came from her

I grew in her

She was everything I wanted her to be

She never missed a game

I always looked for her in the crowd

She calls for me

I always waited for her to call

She was there when I wanted her

She gave me everything I wanted from her

I wanted her to be everything that she is

She used to make me so upset but I could never be mad at her

She misses me

I’ll never stop missing her

She’ll never let me go

She watched me wait for her

She held me at night when it was her that made me scared

I cried for her comfort

She didn’t give birth to me

She deserves the title that belongs to you, biologically

She was there when you weren’t

I was traumatized by you

I hate you

You’ll never be what she is

Happy Mother’s Day


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