Different Me’s

Different me’s know different things

Different thems feel different things

Different we’s see different things

Different she’s say different things


Different me’s try to forget the past

Different thems make regrets last

Different we’s sometimes feel masked

Different she’s answer questions asked


Different me’s take all the blame

Different thems to her hold shame

Different we’s she wants to claim

Different she’s put in different frames


Different me’s think I’m a freak

Different thems make me feel weak

Different we’s can’t make her speak

Different she’s know the truth she seeks


Different me’s often feel so sick

Different thems make some thoughts stick

Different we’s change her feelings quick

Different she’s want to be picked


Different me’s wish we were dead

Different thems hear what I said

Different we’s talk in her head

Different she’s need to be lead


Different me’s are being found

Different thems scattered all around

Different we’s feel her heart pound

Different She’s can’t make a sound


Different me’s are what divide

Different thems fuel they did provide

Different we’s attempted suicide

Different she’s watched while they cried


Different me’s have panic attacks

Different thems coming through the cracks

Different we’s control we lack

Different she’s hard to switch back


Different me’s are always near

Different thems more to appear

Different we’s sometimes are clear

Different she’s stuck in different years


Different me’s we can’t erase

Different thems search for their place

Different we’s sometimes need space

Different she’s need a warm embrace


Different me’s out loud we talk

Different thems she tries to block

Different we’s like to take walks

Different she’s are starting to knock


Different me’s will get distracted

Different thems I feel were contracted

Different we’s have pleasantly reacted

Different she’s to me are attracted


Different me’s no longer pretend

Different thems new messages they send

Different we’s time together we spend

Different she’s find it hard to blend


Different me’s reflect each day

Different thems will find their way

Different we’s she’d like to stay

Different she’s don’t feel like prey


Different me’s are the ones who smile

Different thems added to pile

Different we’s can get quite wild

Different she’s play like a child

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