In Memory Of:

Loving daughter of..
Beloved wife..
Mother of..
A Form I almost filled out myself
A year has passed
One full year
I don’t believe it, I can’t

I’m still afraid
Afraid to be back in the place
Afraid to not recognize when I am, if I am, that I am

Anniversaries are reminders
Of life changing events

Beginnings and endings
Today still marks one year
But not of my ending
It’s finally here
My birthday, but that one only I celebrate
A full year about one day

They say to live in the present
But today I’m remembering the past
While celebrating that I can celebrate this moment

It’s been a year of transformation
Being a complete different person is confusing
Especially when you’re still you
But you can be both
Today as I celebrate who I am
I remember who I was

While asking myself who will you be

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