Chasing the Pause

It’s an impulse, it’s an addiction

Most people view issues like this as fiction

They don’t understand that what we have is an affliction

We’re chasing a pause


The pause is a break from reality

The end of our struggles we think it is the key

We know it’s not ok, to that all of us agree

But we need the pause


The need to escapes is so very real

For some have no morals so it makes them steal

Either way what we have helps us to deal

Our addition is the pause


Without the pause we feel all the pain

It hurts so much but why we can’t explain

Sometimes we try to quit but we cannot refrain

A sign of relief when we take our pause


No matter the addition it is always on our mind

How we hurt others because of it we are blind

We will do anything just to find

The pause


In its walls we are confined

The first time not realizing the deal we just signed

That’s when we left our old life behind

To chase another pause


When people don’t understand, they tend to ask why

They think it’s easy to fix, so they just tell us to try

but sometimes we chase so hard we die

Yet we can’t stop chasing the pause


The reasons we have it are different for all

Whatever the pain to the pause we did call

To help us unwind from our tight little ball

To find Our pause


From the intensity of life we need a release

To slow our mind and feel at peace

But as we continue, our does we increase

To feel the same pause



To others we say, you don’t know what it’s like to be me

The pause is the only way we can feel free

When we’re on it we feel so good and carefree

We love the pause


Our pause to others often doesn’t make sense

They don’t understand how the release relieves what is intense

Every time we do it new thoughts commence

Safety is our pause


Good or bad we all have vice

To go to it for comfort we don’t think twice

Some of us though pay a higher price

To feel a pause


When we need it some of us our life we bet

We do things to get it that we regret

Again to others we don’t know how much we upset

By chasing the pause


Sometimes we switch to a different one

From our old one away we are trying to run

To pretend about all the things that can’t be undone

But really it’s another web we have spun

To find another pause


To live in our bodies without it we feel strange

From numbness to freedom is a negative exchange

A release from our misery we try to arrange

To feel the pause


I look to the pause as my dear friend

To others who ask, my pause I defend

I’m working on trying to make it all end

So writing is how I pause





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