I stood up and I faced my fear

There I stood in a room full of people

At an open house to hear me speak

Shaking as I started to tell my story

My body felt frozen and weak


I practiced my speech over and over

I reworded, retyped and rewrote

I really don’t want to mess this up

A lump welling up in my throat


Hello everyone, hi, thank you for coming

Where do I even start

How much am I going to put out there

My body throbbing from the beat of my heart


What did I get myself in to

Why did she ask me to speak tonight

To describe my experience in treatment

To the program I would shed some light


Here I am ready to share my story

And there are points that I don’t want to miss

I rehearsed, I practices, I repeated

Maybe I’m not ready for this


It’s ok, just breathe, we’re gonna be fine

She asked you to do this for a reason

To share my life in recovery

And how my eating disorder was only a season


All eyes in the room were on me

I had so many supporters in the crowd

I looked at them when I got nervous

I just wanted to make them proud


From Res, to partial to IOP

I had changed so much in less than a year

After my introduction was over

I stood up and I faced my fear

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