Everywhere I turn

Everywhere I turn I face myself; my fears


Everywhere I turn my monsters are there



Watching me run, watching me panic

Waiting for me to fail

Waiting to paralyze me with fear


I run through the maze of my mind

Dead ends are broken promises

Walls I slam into because I thought I could trust my sense of direction


Everywhere I turn I see ghosts of myself

They follow me


There are me’s everywhere

Hiding, laughing, crying, Lying

To me


No matter which way I turn I’m lost

Lost in my panic, I can’t breathe

Where am I

How did I get here

Where’s the end, is there an end, what’s at the end


Everywhere I turn I hear them

I see my thoughts

I see everything

All at once

Too much to take in


Everywhere I turn

We’re ok, we’re ok we’re ok I sit


We’re ok, we’re ok


No longer I turn

Everywhere I stay

Lost in my mind

With no escape


Because I forgot where to turn

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