It’s hard to be aware

of what’s there

So you ignore

The chore

Of exploration

Because of internal conversation

Self disclosure

Is exposure

So to yourself you lie

And deny

What’s wrong

Because you’re supposed to be strong

But you’re weak

And can’t speak


The doubt

You feel

But can you deal

With what’s in your head

What led (lead)

To you being this way

So you say

I am like this

Because of the kiss

I didn’t get of love

So I shove

It all down again

And pretend

Everything is ok

And say

I’m good

Because I should

Because in this nation

The expectation

Is to be


On the outside

But inside

I’m not

And I’m fought

My demons

And reasons

For who I became

So I blame

The fact

That I lack

The ability to be allowed

To be proud

Of myself

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