Disappointment, resentment, rage
trapped in their cage
of a power trip
my confidence they strip
it feels like they own me
who I’m trying to be
I was let down
by who wears the crown
maybe she doesn’t remember how she felt
what almost made her melt
down to question who she is
is she passing the quiz
to be here
another year
To see how far she’s come
what she came from
what gave her the power
to sit in her tower
looking down
at us on the ground
trying to climb the ladder
to prove we matter
I look up feeling unsteady
but I’ll never be ready
I take a risk to believe
In what I can achieve
she took something away
but still I stay
she thinks me she beat
but me she won’t defeat
she was wrong
I am strong
I know I’m right
so I not longer fight
you think you’re in control
but you lost you role
lost your respect
because you did neglect
me self-determination
because under this nation
I never lose
because I choose
how much energy I spend
so you can pretend
how important you think you are
but you’re just a dull start
I can still see you
and what you do
but good luck
cuz I don’t give a fuck

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