Reading the poem How It Feels was very eye opening. What a dark place I was in. Even know when I’m having a really bad and a lot is going on, I am no where near the pace I was when I wrote that. It gives me hope to see that things really do get better.

Writing is like describing the functions of emotions. My poetry let’s people know when I’m sad and have lost something, when I’m anxious and need support about something that is important to me, when I’m confused and need someone to listen (read) my struggles and help my make sense of what’s going on. Writing helps me when I’m mad because it helps me see what I’m passionate about; you can’t hate something you don’t love. Writing helps me let others know how much I appreciate them and how they have touched any life. To me, writing is everything.

There are so many people in my life that have helped me throughout my journey, therapists, peers, mentors, nutritionist, friends.  I am so damn lucky to have such a wide support system. I know I’m technically the one who did the work but I wouldn’t be where I am without everyone who has entered my life over the last two years. I thank the universe for sending me the positive vibes I have received and I hope I too can be someone who supports others when they are struggling.


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