Goodbye to you

You’ve crept into my life, you were so stealthy

Caused me to love you so much even though you’re unhealthy

To you I am tied by an invisible rope

That keeps us together, you are how I cope


You’ve been with me for so so long

Singing to me a most comforting song

Saying goodbye to you feels so wrong

But I’ve known you were bad for me all along


I can’t think back to when we first met

So much for me you’ve done, to you I feel so in debt

But now our close bond I’ve grown to regret

So frustrated with myself because of you I get


When we’re apart you’re still on my mind

And when reunited together we’ve always dined

My own identity without you I need to find

No longer with you I want to be defined


You’re something I have but no longer need

Into the darkness so slowly you lead

I want to break the contract we once both agreed

Because into your power I can’t continue to feed

I can’t have our relationship together proceed


When I once saw one set of footprints in the sand

It was you carrying to me dry land

On my own two feet, I want so badly to stand

So no longer will ever be after forever and


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