Why I Write

Why I write


I write to be heard

I write to slow down my thoughts

I write to escape the real world while explaining it

Sometimes I’m so inspired I can’t get to a pen fast enough

I write to dissociate, to tell my story from a distance

I write because it’s part of who I am, how I am

I write what I feel, what I know

Writing is how I cry

I write because it makes me feel important

I write what makes sense to me

I write to discover who I am

To discover myself

I write what I can’t vocalize

What I can’t speak

What my external self cannot

I write to remember the past

I write to find inspiration

I write to breathe

To feel safe

When I write I leave my soul on the paper

I write to listen

To hear how the rhyme of the words explain the beat of my heart

I write to stay awake

To not get lost in the norm of society

To get away from the distractions that now runs our lives

To log off and live

I write about me

I write for me

I write to see me

To try to make sense of myself

I write so I can be me

When I write, I let it all out

Let it all go

I never know what will come of my writing

I write what is real, what is raw

It’s never perfect

It’s never finished

It just is

I write to fill the space between my mind and my heart

I write to be me


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