Why this blog title


Let me give you a backstory on the name of my Blog. What’s the Fear was inspired by a therapist that always pushed me answer that very question whenever I said no or that I didn’t want to be honest. It has since become the motto of my life. When I’m too scared to do something I ask myself: What’s the Fear. When people come to me asking for advice for something, What’s the Fear naturally comes up in our discussion. The answer to that question is facing the fear. The fear is fear itself right. Why don’t you want to do something, why do you feel like you can’t, what’s keeping you from making the big decision. What’s the fear, what would happen… so what if your fear comes true; if everyone laughs at you after you’ve made a speech, what happens if you screw up that interview… Answering what’s the fear gives the fear less power. It can also reveal that there’s nothing to fear.

So here I am, facing a fear. I’m finally making a blog and this is my first post. What if no ones reads it… then no one reads it… what if people do read it… then they do. So when I ask myself now what’s the fear, I close my eyes, think, then say absolutely nothing at all.

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